Shaved Ice Trucks

Shaved ice truck business as easy as turning a key.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start a shaved ice business? Here at Itamar Enterprises we offer one of the most unique shave ice business opportunities on the market because when you decide to purchase one of our shaved ice trucks you will not have to pay large sums of money for expensive franchise fees. Instead, we offer a generous licensing agreement that puts you in the drivers seat.

  • food ice cream truckTurn key shaved ice truck
  • Purchase your own products
  • Simple licensing agreement
  • Lower cost than a franchise
  • State-of-the-art features

Are you ready to start your future in the shaved ice catering business?

Start living your dreams of independence and financial security. When you buy a shaved ice truck from us you are getting much more than just a truck. Our trucks come branded with graphics that have been market-tested for maximum appeal. Our current shaved ice truck is the culmination of years of market research and trial-and-error. Trust branding excellence and the Itamar name.

Buy a shaved ice truck today and start having fun running your business tomorrow.

Bring the fun atmosphere of a shaved ice party on wheels to any location, event or neighborhood. With premium stereo sound system, eye catching graphics, lighting effects, custom wheels and premium product dispensing our shaved ice trucks bring the fun-party atmosphere where ever that you go.

Benefits that outsell the features of our competitions shaved ice trucks.

Years of product development and research have all come down to our latest truck. Our 2016 shaved ice trucks for sale come loaded with extraordinary features not found in other trucks.

  • Machine that makes shaved ice treats.No expensive franchise fee’s
  • Compact shaved ice equipment
  • Powerful components
  • Room for dozens of flavors
  • Ergonomical interior

You’ve seen the rest now come and buy the best shaved ice truck for sale on the market!

When Itamar Enterprises set out to design the latest 2016 model shave ice truck they thought to themselves all of the ways that they can make their new trucks better than the competitions. For obvious reasons the licensing agreement is by far the better option, but Itamar Enterprises took it a step further by offering features in their shaved ice trucks that the competition simply cannot compete with. РThe superior truck. The superior choice when you choose our shaved ice trucks!

Call us now for current prices, options and availability. Come see for yourself by scheduling a time to get up close and personal with one of our shaved ice trucks. We look forward to being a part of your success. (512)777-9988

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