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How to start and ice cream truck business in a box. – We are THE premier ice cream truck manufacturer.

Do you want to learn how to start an ice cream truck business? It’s easy! Purchase one of our ice cream trucks because you will be able to start your ice cream truck company with the turn of a key. Our trucks make running a mobile ice cream business fun and easy.

Ice cream trucks for sale that are loaded with features as wild as your imagination.

When Itamar Tsubery (the owner of Itamar Enterprises) set out to design the companies latest food truck he had one primary thing in mind; he wanted to design a food truck that stood out from all of the other food trucks manufactures. So, he loaded them with features not found in other food trucks! Our latest food trucks come with 360video monitoring system for the safety of patrons, WIFI system for internet access, a full sound system to create the party atmosphere, vibrant outside lighting, larger chrome wheels, to just name a few.

Our ice cream truck manufacturing business is the no-brainer choice when you decide to choose Itamar Enterprises are your ice cream truck company.

  • Fully custom ice cream trucks.
  • Save money without franchise fee’s.
  • One man operation is cost effective.
  • Green friendly features all inclusive.
  • Custom ice cream truckNo costly, smelly-loud generators.
  • Powered by roof-mounted solar panels.
  • Save huge not spending $$$ on fuel.
  • Ice cream truck business plan.
  • Attractive branding draw customers.
  • Custom neon lighting installed.
  • State-of-the-art speakers and CD player.
  • Efficient ice cream truck freezer.
  • Video cameras installed for high visibility.

Ice cream truck business plan included with the purchase of your new Itamar Enterprises ice cream truck.

You can count on the success of Itamar Enterprises. For nearly 2 decades we have been helping people just like you to start an ice cream business. By purchasing one of our ice cream vending trucks for sale you will have an ice cream truck business plan and branding that has proved itself to convert could be customers into happy customers. We are the ice cream truck manufacturer known in the business as the best company to buy an ice cream truck from and your plan to success.

More than just ice cream truck sales.

Side of ice cream truckNearly 20 years ago when Itamar Enterprises first got into business they had one thing in mind and that was to provide the local community with premium ice cream products and to make their customers feel good. The same remains true to this day; the goal has always been to bring the happiness ice cream experience to the customer. We are truly the ice cream truck experience.

Come and see for yourself up close and personal.

With so many added features over what the competition offers you will be able to easily see why Itamar Enterprises has been able to grow their ice cream truck manufacturing business into what it is today. Years of working in the mobile ice cream business and experience designing makes the difference towards your bottom line. – Trust our proven branding and future success that we will bring to you. Call now to learn more about how our custom ice cream truck will make your dreams become reality. (512)777-9988

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