Are you interested in starting a business that is both profitable and fun, then you can’t go wrong with an ice cream truck business. Modern ice cream trucks allow business owners to offer a myriad of frozen treats, snacks, candies and other tasty things that can attract customers from miles away. With a good ice cream truck business plan, you can potentially make over $1000 a day.

Now let’s see how people can start an ice cream truck business…

Make a sound ice cream truck business plan.

Be prepared for a thorough investigation and market research. This is the only way to make a sound ice cream truck business plan which will show you how to run a profitable business. First of all, you will need detailed information about the ice cream market in your area. Next, you should spend some time analyzing your competition. In this way, you will be able to identify the target market. In addition, you will also figure out how to make your ice cream truck business in your community.

While we are talking about promotion, the ice cream truck business plan must include a solid marketing strategy. The good news is that there are some very affordable and efficient means of marketing an ice cream truck business, like social media platforms for example. Furthermore, the ice cream truck business plan must include an executive summary which displays your complete business strategy (in case you want to attract investors or get a loan). Just like any other type of business plan, your ice cream truck business plan must include realistic goals, loss, and profit forecast assumptions and cash flow.

In case making an ice cream truck business plan like this looks a little bit complicated, you should know that you can always buy a pre-arranged business plan template. These templates are general but you can tailor it to the specific needs of your ice cream truck business. In this way, you can save a lot of time which is a crucial resource for those planning on starting a business of any kind.

Set up your ice cream truck business.

Start by applying for a business license at the local City Hall. Here you can get all the required permits and the ice cream truck license that you need so you can start working. When you finish this paperwork, you can buy an ice cream truck and start making money. Keep in mind that the size, features and the price of this truck should match your business plan. There are many different kinds of ice cream trucks and many different ice cream truck manufacturers so do some research.

Refine your ice cream truck route.

Experts agree that planning and establishing a route is crucial for this type of business. The main objective is to create a base of loyal, repeat customers that know when and where they can find you. Obviously, it’s better to establish a route in areas where you can find many families with kids. Keep in touch with the local newspapers and online sources for events where you can drive your ice cream truck to. Events can be huge money making days for ice cream trucks.

Last but not least: Invest into a nice ice cream truck.

The most important element to running a successful ice cream truck business is to invest into a nice ice cream truck that will provide you with the platform to success. This includes locating a van with food equipment inside of it that is as diverse as the wants and needs of the customer. – The more options that you can offer to your customers the more opportunities that you have to make money.

These days modern ice cream truck business owners are diversifying and offering more than just ice cream. Popular food products include; nacho machine, cotton candy, shaved ice, hotdogs and beverages. Market research proves that the more dynamic that the ice cream food truck is the more revenue that the truck generates. – Up to 5 times a much revenue!

There is a huge difference between the level of quality and options in ice cream trucks. Most ice cream truck manufacturers offer some financing agreements, making it possible to get in the drivers seat faster than you probably think.

Which kind of ice cream truck business are you going to set up?

There are several different ways that you can go about setting up your ice cream truck business. The first option is to customize a food service truck as you wish to suit your needs, and then start doing business. The next option is to purchase an ice cream truck with a franchise agreement. There are pro’s and con’s to ice cream truck franchise businesses. The major “con” is that a franchise agreement requires you to follow the rules that the ice cream franchise business. And finally, there are some ice cream truck manufacturers that offer licensing agreements. This allows the ice cream truck owner to stay in charge of the products that they sell and most other aspects of their business.

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