Ice Cream Food Trucks

Custom features not found on other ice cream food trucks in the market.

When Itamar Tsubery (the owner of Itamar Enterprises) set out to design the companies latest ice cream food truck he had one thing in mind; to design an ice cream food truck that stood out from all of the other ice cream food truck manufacturers. So, he loaded them up with features not found in other ice cream food trucks.

Our latest ice cream food trucks come with 360 degree video monitoring system for the safety of patrons, WIFI system for internet access, a full sound system to create the party atmosphere, vibrant outside lighting, larger chrome wheels and solar panels located on the rood of the vehicle.

Innovation, engineering and marketing all in one profit producing machine.

  • Neon lights installed all around the truck.
  • Custom wheels that really set off the package.
  • New ice cream food truckEquipment for dispensing nacho chips.
  • Commercial grade shaved ice machine.
  • Stylish interior makes driving comfortable.
  • High quality sound system and speakers.
  • Soda dispenser┬ácan be included.
  • Colorful marketing graphics draw customers.
  • 360 degree video cameras installed all around.
  • Ice cream freezer on board is high efficiency.

*No franchise fee’s and many other benefits make us your choice in ice cream food truck manufacturers.

The benefits of an ice cream food truck made by Itamar Enterprises makes choosing to purchase our ice cream food trucks the best/logical decision to make.

  • Roof solar panelsSolar power saves you money of fuel expenses.
  • Relief from the smell and noise of a generator.
  • Tested branding and graphics to maximize influence.
  • All inclusive ice cream food truck business plan.
  • One man operation maximizes business profits.
  • No ice cream food truck franchise fee’s save $$$.

The complete ice cream food truck combination package.

Not only do we offer unsurpassed features but we will also provide you with a full business package. This will allow you to start your ice cream food truck business right away. With a proven business plan, a high performance machine and backed by years of profits, you are guaranteed to start making money right away.

Are you ready to start living your dreams of independence and freedom?

Want to be out in the community offering a quality product? Want to finally start living your dreams? Give Itamar Enterprises a call right now. Your questions will be answered and your new life will begin. (512)777-9988

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