Imagine the freedom that you will have owning your own ice cream truck business. What will you do now that you can make your own schedule? Imagine the pride that you will feel being you own boss. More so, think about how wonderful that it is selling an ice cream food product where all of your customers are happy. That’s what it is like to run an ice cream truck business!

The benefits of owning your own ice cream truck business are endless:

  • ice-creamLow overhead
  • Be your own boss
  • Flexible hours
  • Limited competition
  • Decent income

Easy licensing to maintain your ice cream truck business:

  • Ice cream truck vehicle registration
  • Health department license
  • City business license

What is your budget to purchase an ice cream truck?

When first considering starting an ice cream truck business you have to first determine your budget. How much money do you have in the bank? How much can you finance? Knowing these two critical factors will help you to determine the quality of ice cream truck that you can purchase. Some used ice cream trucks cost less than $30,000 but you have to worry about the engine and other systems failing, while new ice cream trucks cost in excess of $90,000.

Do you want to own an ice cream truck franchise or do you want to own your ice cream truck business outright?

While an ice cream truck franchise appears at first you have to consider the high franchise fee costs and the requirements of purchasing your products from the franchise. Or you can purchase your own ice cream truck and be 100% in charge of your business.

More than just driving around selling ice cream.

Not only does an ice cream truck drive around town with their music playing selling ice cream trucks in the parks and neighborhoods, but many times consumers will hire an ice cream truck to attend their parties where guests can purchase as many ice creams as they want. As people know your ice cream truck business more and more you will be presented with opportunities like this all of the time.

Tip: Tell the adults purchasing your ice cream food products that you also do parties and events. Hand out your business card.

Ice cream truck business marketing using social media and the internet.

Extend the reach of your ice cream truck business by staying involved on social media. Many businesses and families want an ice cream truck to come by their location regularly. When you can be found online you can easily extend the reach of your ice cream truck business.

Create a business plan for your ice cream truck business.

Where will you be driving your ice cream truck? What kind of customer do you want most of? What kind of ice cream food products do you want to sell? Where will you get your ice cream food products from? Where will you open a bank account for your ice cream truck business?

Tip: Street fairs and county fairs are an excellent place to set up your ice cream truck. The small investment is worth it because of the huge returns. At the bigger venues a one person operation can make as much as $1000 a day!

How long do you intend on being in the ice cream truck business?

Lets face it, nothing lasts forever, unless that is if you want to become a huge national franchise some day. Many ice cream truck owners purchase their businesses, run them and use them to make money until their next big business venture comes a long at which point you will be able to sell your business for at a minimum of what you got into it. – Low risk business venture.

Well, this concludes our article about building an ice cream truck business plan. We hope that it has given you some new ideas. While an ice cream truck business may not be for everyone it is sure to put a smile on the faces that enjoy your products, now that is worth more than all the world!

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